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What Can I Do If I Can't Pay My Debts?
2009-10-23, 3:02 PM

I found answers for most popular questions about debts and loans:

  1. Can my property be taken to pay a debt?
  2. Can my creditors harass me?
  3. Can I be forced to pay someone else's debts?
  4. What should I do if I'm billed for something I didn't buy?
  5. Can other people find out about my debts?
  6. What happens if I am sued?
  7. What happens if I lose the lawsuit?
  8. Can I protect my property if I am sued?
  9. What if I just need more time to pay my debts?
  10. When should I consider filing for bankruptcy?
  11. Are there different types of bankruptcy?
  12. When should I file for Chapter 7?
  13. Will Chapter 7 wipe out all of my debts?
  14. If I file for Chapter 7, can I keep any property?
  15. When should I use a Chapter 13 plan instead?
  16. How can I find a lawyer to represent me?
Click on the question and you will redireqt on website with answers.
The State Bar of California
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